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Since 2014

About us


DAUPRO - a reliable metal processing company in the implementation of various projects. The main activities of the company are metalworking, manufacturing and assembly. The company manufactures high-class various metal elements, as well as metal constructions and other products from ferrous, stainless and non-ferrous metals.

Company brings together professionals from various industries related to metalworking. Our professional team performs work of various complexity, making metal constructions according to your sketches or according to the client's individual project. We also produce various standard and non-standard metal products.

Different types of stairs and staircase load-bearing structures for public buildings, industrial facilities and private houses;
Handrails, protective elements and barriers, roof safety elements - for public buildings, industrial facilities and private houses;
Service platforms for industrial facilities;
Accessibility ramps for people with reduced mobility;
Different types of environmental objects: bicycle stands, external protective elements, bolards, benches, canopies;

SIA “DAUPRO” works with state and municipal organizations, the largest Latvian construction companies, private companies and individuals. The company is proud of its already excellent projects in Latvia - LIDL, IKEA, T/C ALFA, Valmieras Stikla Šķiedra, Valmieras cietums, etc. We are also purposefully working on the co-operation in the Scandinavian countries.